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A little less than 30 minutes as it is best to leave your nap to the next day if the weather is bad. If you are coming from the gym in the morning you can go as long as you want without waking anyone up.

What does it cost?

As mentioned on our nap tips page, the cost is nothing to run a small business, especially for kids. The fee comes out to about $25-$30 for a week. You can also use some of our referral system to get more business if you know someone who is interested in it. The money we make from referrals goes back into the business which enables them to buy more nap materials and buy more nap supplies so we can continue to add more nap kits to our site.

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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Dr John Bew was found dead in his flat
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A nurse who worked at an NHS hospital after she “fell down a rabbit hole” has been found dead.

Dr John Bew, 54, is understood to have fallen down a “black hole” at South Western Hospital, in Oxford, in July.

The former doctor and former head of St James’ NHS Foundation Trust said he had lost his grip on reality. He later collapsed.

Police investigating Dr Bew’s death have told BBC News Online they have no suspect.

“The only thing that’s changed since I’ve been in Japan is the language,” says Natsumi. “When I went there when I was eight and lived there until I was nine, we had no idea who our neighbors were. We knew them from the news, but they never addressed us by name.”

Natsumi was born in Tokyo, moved to Osaka and then on to Kobe, before finding her way to Tokyo in 2008. From there, her story goes back and forth between the two cities, where her family lives; and to the countryside, where she grew up.

For Natsumi, the language has given her new perspective on life in both these places. “What makes it so easy in Japan is that people can come

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