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You should take it one day at a time. But do not let your nap be an endless, unbroken, sleepless night, or you may find it is difficult to get up. (We have found that it is best to take it 30 minutes at a time, while resting for a few minutes, and then taking a 10 minute nap for a couple of hours and then some more.)

Do I get an alarm? No. However, you may feel less tired if you can start your nap at an earlier time so that you can take your time starting it before the alarm goes off at 8:00 AM. I have found that taking a nap within 5 minutes of waking up is much better because, if you’re tired in the morning, you’ll get up and will wake up refreshed than if you wake up and feel tired and then immediately go to sleep and wake up tired. (As a side note, I have found that going to sleep late is beneficial in the mornings as well and it usually helps me fall asleep in just a couple of hours.)
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Do I get a full sleep? Yes. Many experts recommend a 10-20 minute amount of sleep for optimal health. They recommend that you take your rest day at about the same time each night. If you take longer to fall asleep, you will often wake up feeling better.

What kind of alarm should I use? For the first 20 minutes of my nap, I have found using the morning alarm, which allows me to wake up after I fall asleep in about 7 – 10 minutes and then use this time to put on my morning clothes. The alarm is not too loud so that you cannot be woken up at another time; it is quiet enough that it is not distracting. As I mentioned earlier, I have found that my nap will not have a negative or depressing effect as long as one gets up in time and does not continue sleeping after 5 hours. If you sleep for the whole day and your sleep is poor, your nap may go as planned.

Can my cat wake me up? No. I am not an expert but if there is a problem with the alarm, you might want to change the alarm to a sounder for only a few minutes that is more gentle on me. If they are very stubborn about waking up as I’m sure they would like to, you might want to try something different.

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