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What number of players per team? What is the pool size? We’re going to be covering all of these.

The league structure itself is fairly open, which is something that we should always strive for, especially since it’s not just us who are having the same question. It’s a big, complex thing to figure out, and I don’t think anybody really had a lot of trouble figuring it out a few weeks ago. I think the good news is that it’s now in a place where some of our fans have at least some idea of what it’s going to be and the players are getting a little more familiar with it.

Some of the more interesting concepts, I’m sure, are yet to come from this process. For instance, the number of teams on our schedule, how many of these teams belong on the road and on the road, how long those road trips will be, and the league structure itself will be really interesting.

For example, when we talk about teams coming from the outside – if Montreal comes from outside on a four-game road trip, does that affect their playoff chances? Does it make them weaker on the road? Because at the moment, the league is set up to determine that kind of thing for the first three years.

This is a complex topic, and the players will need to understand the league structure more fully as it happens, and it probably won’t be until we get to play Toronto next week that we really begin to be able to answer any of those questions.

It’s funny, there’s a lot of people who are talking about the future now, and nobody’s really asking them questions that are of such a high level.

It’s very interesting to me how you’re so keenly focused on the present, and yet we’re not really trying to go back to all those questions the players are having now. I don’t think these questions really need being asked because all they need to know now is that there’s a new hockey game that’s going on.

We’re not going to start answering any more questions from this perspective than there is already, which is kind of a shame, actually, because it feels like it would be useful.

The only time somebody’s questioning things like, “What is the NHL salary cap?” or “Is we going to have a salary cap on the expansion draft,” I’m not going to be answering those questions because really the information that needs to be given to the players is the same

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