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The answer is probably none. Patent laws typically are intended to protect existing technologies, and any technology used to produce a patented product or service is likely to be covered by the patent. But that doesn’t mean all patent laws have exceptions for inventions made in the private sector. In fact, the United States has many laws that limit who may invent an invention in the private sector (including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office).

Here are some examples of who may patent a product in the private sector:

Patents are often used to protect inventions that have commercial applications, including drugs, biologics, and medical devices. Companies can patent medical devices for example, but if a company creates the medical device technology and sells the device, they may be liable for infringement.

Patents are commonly used to protect ideas that have a financial value, either because of the novelty or the usefulness of the invention. For example, patents for a new product or process often provide a financial incentive to create the new product or process. The problem that most inventors face is that when an idea is successfully marketed, the companies that created the idea don’t have a new product or process to sell. Instead, they have a new patent that extends their patent protection.

How is the patent office determining if the invention is a patentable idea?

Patent examiners have specific questions they ask that determine if an invention is patent eligible. These questions are designed to help the patent office make certain that the invention is a patentable idea.

Many patents are written in such a way that it is important that the examiner know as much about the invention before considering its patentability as possible. This can be because of practical or legal reasons, such as if the invention has been shown to be a good idea (i.e., you have shown that the idea is useful or novel) or because of a lack of evidence that the invention would create new categories of useful or novel physical products, processes, or chemical agents.

For more on the questions an examiner needs to ask, see the FAQ on patents.

Here are some examples of what an examiners may ask. These questions are provided to illustrate a couple of the most common kinds of questions that patent examiners may ask.

The original patent document can contain information such as the inventor’s name, the nature of the invention, and the scope of the invention. Sometimes, the original patent document contains other documents that are not relevant to the patent question.

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