How many horses die a year in horse racing? – Longshot Horse Racing System

The numbers aren’t huge, but many of them are tragic.

The top racehorse fatalities

1. The Horse Racing Council for Professional Men: 441 (2004), including 1 in 2003

2. World Racing League: 871 (2007) from 3-in-2006-7 to 5-in 2011-14

2. National Sports Car Championship: 5,064 (2007) from 11-in-2006-1 to 10-in 2011-9

3. American Racing League: 4,717 (2006-present) from 6-in-1997-1 to 8-in 2011-12

4. American Triple Crown Horse Show and Trick: 6,633 (2004-2009, 2011-2013) from 13-in-2001-1 to 15-in-2007-2.

5. British Racing Drivers Club: 14-in-2000-1 to 17-in-2007-3

6. National Association of Ring Lappers: 10-in-1998-1 to 11-in-2007-1

7. RACER: 5-in-1988-1 to 8-in-1998-1

8. National Society for Height & Weight Discrimination: 11-in-1987-1 to 12-in-2007-5

The FBI’s official description of Clinton’s mishandling of classified documents is all wrong. The agency does not allege that Clinton was “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information. Instead, the FBI claims that she failed to follow security policies that should’ve been followed when sending or receiving classified information. A key difference: Clinton actually sent or received some classified information and failed to turn over all of her emails about classified information from her State Department tenure to the State Department for processing in accordance with federal preservation requirements.

Clinton never turned over all of her emails involving sensitive information related to the Benghazi terrorist attack. Nor did she turn over all of her emails related to the Clinton Foundation. On Jan. 21, the State Department asked for approximately 55,000 additional emails from Clinton from her tenure, which is just under one-fifth of all emails Clinton may have exchanged during her four years as Secretary. Clinton did not provide the requested documents.

At a press conference in April, FBI Director James Comey confirmed the FBI recovered some emails with classified markings, a result of the investigation into possible mishandling of classified information that the FBI initiated during the course of its investigation of Clinton’s

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