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I can calculate the total value of your first bet (as shown below) on just one card with my online wagering calculator. You will be charged for the first bet. Your next bet is worth the same as your last one.
National Signing Day ’20: Meet the new faces of the Oregon ...

Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Whether you’re looking for traditional target practice or tactical hunting, the Bushmaster® AR-P™ Tactical-7 has the perfect set of optics for you. A lightweight, lightweight sight system with a reticle is mounted on a heavy-duty reticle and has a 1:7 (0.25″) wide-angle focus. The reticle comes with a black optical element and is available only in 11/22 and 5.56 NATO rifle models. The Bushmaster® AR-P Tactical-7 also features a 1:7 (0.25″) wide-angle rear sight which has a 2-dot crosshair, and two aperture-priority low crosshairs along each of the six positions of the adjustable sight. This reticle is not included with any rifle. The Bushmaster® AR-P Tactical-7 also weighs a little less, at 10.5 oz. When used, the rear sight and 1:7 (0.25″) reticle require a standard M16-type rear sight mount such as the Browning M16-AR-15 Stocks, Browning M16-AR-10S Stocks, and many of the Mil-Spec M16/AR-15 Buttstock with the M4 Carbine buffer tube. For a complete list and more detailed information regarding all mounting locations, see our Mounting Guide. Other types of rear sights offered include the M4, M4 carbine, G3, and AR-15 rifle models. The Bushmaster® AR-P Tactical-7 is also made for AR-15 Carbine models, and utilizes the AR-15 Buffer Tube.

A group of six male students from a high school in Chicago were arrested over the weekend.

“This was a case of the Chicago campus catching six guys who had nothing to do with us,” Principal Michael Martin said in a statement. “It was our investigation that led to these arrests, and not their own.”

Martin, the principal of Mizzou (Mo.) High School, said the students were arrested for “criminal trespassing.” He added that a seventh student will be removed from Mizz

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