Is dunking allowed in horse?

No. What can I do? You can’t dunk them, of course. But if you have people who have had this happen to them, we want to figure out the best thing to do.”

As to being able to be a team with an entire season to plan for the future — a team that is capable of playing competitive basketball — the Pistons’ next steps have been long, and many.

While they haven’t been particularly busy, there have been multiple player trades and a slew of personnel changes. This summer was an eye-opening one, with Caldwell and president of basketball operations Joe Dumars — along with team president Joe Dumars’ immediate supervisor, former Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks — all coming out of retirement to help in Detroit’s search for talent.

It’s also a long season. The Pistons can already start to make some progress toward their 2018-19 season, though not necessarily quite in the form the organization wants it to.

“We’re still working through the details,” Caldwell said. “Obviously, we’d like to be as competitive as we can, we’d like to be a team that can finish in the top five of the Eastern Conference and in the top eight of the conference in overall wins. So, we’re just getting to where we are, where we want get to.

“But at the same time, things in life aren’t always smooth, there’s ups and downs and setbacks. We’re still trying to make sure every player fits into our core, he can be part of our DNA, and we can build from our core. So, I think we’re in a good place right now, we’re happy to have the coach and the other members involved.”

Caldwell is confident those conversations are just getting started.

“Obviously if you can make any sort of adjustments during the season, you can have your shot [in the playoffs],” he said. “I think we have. If we do get into it, you never know.”

So perhaps Pistons fans don’t need to worry about seeing their players practice with the Knicks in practice. Pistons fans might be more concerned with watching them play on the court.

“Yeah, I think you’re always hopeful,” said Pistons forward Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who had 17 points, eight rebounds and five steals in Detroit’s 119-108 win over Memphis Sunday. “Obviously, everything is just in the early stages. As far as the playoffs, it’s still so early