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Yes, but it’s hard to imagine winning $5 million every week without it. This is the kind of payout you need to see to know we’ve got the right team. I do mean “right” team in the sense that they have not played a bad team; the Kings of LA are not the same team that won last season’s series against the Washington Capitals in a shootout. They have struggled with injuries and a coach who seems like a good man, and they have only played one of the 20 best teams in the league, a Los Angeles team they must have had close to 40 points on throughout the season, and had a hard time beating.

How do the Kings make it? I think they make it with two of the best goaltenders in the league. I don’t consider their top two to be among the top five in the league at their position, and their top one, Jonathan Quick, isn’t among the top five at his position; no one in the league has given up more goals than Quick has this season, but that doesn’t stop the Kings from making the Finals with those two as their starting goaltenders. They need to play a tough schedule, but they’ll get a good return if they do make it.

The question, though, is how they do it if they are forced to play only the Kings, who don’t seem to have the same skill level or competitiveness, and who have played well against everybody else this season.

They need to play well in the first round, too, but it appears the playoff committee has decided it doesn’t care if they make their playoffs; they will probably let them advance based on their record, which is the best they have done in a decade, and if they win the conference, they will almost certainly advance if they are up against two strong teams in the first round.

For all the talk of the Kings’ losing the series to the Rangers in the second round to a weak San Jose team, I think the Kings had the best regular season record in the Western Conference this season, while the Rangers lost on a bad series in New Jersey, and the Islanders lost in a terrible way in Boston, both of whom could beat the Kings now for a good chance to advance. I see them going there, and with a better regular season record than the Rangers, and the Kings as favorites in a tough series, but the chances of them making this series are slim to none if they are forced to compete with the likes of the Kings.

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