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I am a little late to the party in trying to determine why it is that young, white guys from the suburbs of Chicago go from being in the business of winning at their chosen sport, with a strong sense of personal responsibility, to going on strike and/or organizing a series of protests.

My own story is a perfect illustration; I started out doing everything I could to give something back, as a teenager, at an American University for the arts (now Northwestern University). I was working with the dean of the business school as a teacher, and as he was interviewing students for a leadership position, he asked me a question that I knew I was supposed to answer, and I did.

I said, “I think students should have the same opportunities to get elected to office as their counterparts in other professions with higher levels of responsibility. For example, if I were a professor and offered to teach a class in a university, or if I were a professor and offered to teach a class in a technical college, I am sure that students would be more likely to ask for leadership positions. But instead, I think it is more likely they would join a strike.”

The students on strike that day were not protesting against my class teaching, but a decision made in the administration that I had to be fired after four years. If there was a strike, I would have been immediately dismissed without a hearing. Instead, on a Friday (I couldn’t start teaching on Monday, on weekdays) I would be allowed to start giving the classes on Monday, though I would be called from the office a few times every day.

I have always felt I was a part of a movement, a movement that has a large group of protesters and an even larger group of supporters, those who understand the need to change things. But then came the decision to bring a class with me that was to be taught by an African American man.

I was not alone in wanting that teacher fired. A friend of mine had been working together with students at the time. And she was the first one to tell my white-male instructor that he was being asked to remove his t-shirt. She was very, very angry. And for all her anger, she saw nothing that was wrong with his conduct.

To the African American man — all he did was stand. And he was there for almost 15 years

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