Is the Racing Post app free?

No. There are a few subscription options, but we believe that all owners can benefit from the convenience of being able to access information in real-time, along with the app’s comprehensive search capabilities. The app is also free-of-charge.

How do I add tracks to my collection?

Select the list of tracks and start your journey. Our online collection is updated constantly and always free of cost.

How do I search the database?

The database can be displayed or searched by date, category, keyword, or by keyword only.

How do I get a new tire?

Check out our Tire Catalog which includes all of the tires available for a specific race. Find the one that matches what you need and call or email us for more info.

How often do I get a new tire, and what kinds of tires are available?

There are two types of tires available for purchase. Tires that are either available for purchase or for special events or races, or tires available only during race week. These tires are all listed in the Tire Catalog.

Please note that only the tires available from the Tire Catalog are listed in the Racing Post app. Your tire inventory should reflect current tire options and you should contact us at any time to check if there are any remaining tire options available for your particular race or event.

I have an older tire, what can I do with the ones I have?

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Please contact us within 24 hours of your tire purchase to determine if your old tire(s) are still available for replacement. If you choose to send us your old tire(s) to be exchanged, please provide your TSB number where you placed them.

I have new tires but I need to replace some of the old tires.

Please call us if your tires are damaged. We will not be able to accept any tires for return unless the tires are thoroughly cleaned up and properly labeled.

How often do I receive tire prices?

The Tire Registry will notify you when prices are available for your tires. However, we can’t guarantee the price. Prices may be updated when we get a few extra dollars.

As a race fan, I have been waiting for more info… but I don’t want to pay to upgrade my car… I want to run faster without spending big bucks or even having to spend a good deal!

If you are the type who prefers to keep the information simple, we encourage