What are the 3 human races?

3 human races are created as a result of the fall of Man in the Garden of Eden: A human being is a spirit, and a spirit is a human being. They are created in God’s image (Gen 1:26-27). God has commanded that each human being is an image of God, as man, so that He may be a glory to all men.

The Fall of Man (Rom 1). What is the origin of human sin?

Man is fallen from God through the fall of Adam (Rom 5:12-16). Adam was created in the image of God and the likeness of man. Therefore, he was created in God’s image to be a likeness of God (Gen 2:7) through the fall of Adam. Through the fall of man, the earth was sinned against (Rom 5:12-16), and sin corrupted the whole of creation (Rom 5:15). God was then obliged to remove the pollution that was at the source of both sin and corruption. Man was called to remove the pollution of the earth by submitting to God’s moral law (Rom 5:12) and by turning away from the world. Man’s submission was a moral law for the whole creation, and it is to this that the name of man is ascribed (Rom 5:10).

“No one came to the earth, neither shall any man come to the earth. No animal, nor reptile nor bird, has gone forth from the creation of the world. Yet all things came upon the earth, and they are now all under one heaven” (Mt 12:31-33). Adam, the first man (Rom 1:26, 27), was made in God’s image (Gen 2:7). Man was endowed with certain moral capacities in the Garden of Eden, and from the Garden of Eden a number of different species emerged to populate the earth (Gen 3:15). Those were the “kinds of vegetation” that were “not of this world” (Gen 3:2; Isa 12:17) of which we are now in a “state of nature.” (Ps 14:17-18).

What became of man after he had entered into the Garden of Eden?

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After the fall of Adam, some were left, while others, or at least a number of them, were created on earth. Some of these were not good men or good persons, but were corrupt, lost and fallen (Tit 2:23,