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The majority of racehorses are actually racing geldings and other large thoroughbreds which have been taken to the stable. There are quite a few different types of races which can be selected from as the horse owner chooses.

The main ones are:

Racing thoroughbreds

Equiture races

Rugby Open.

Equiture Races are used for the breeding of large thoroughbreds. Equiture races are generally longer and more elaborate with more stakes and the horse that will win the horses will also get all the money for his or her race.

Rugby Open is the modern day equivalent of the eque as it is shorter and the stakes are usually higher. The winner gets the money won in a particular race.

Equiture races include:

Derby (5, 7, 10, 15 or 17 horses in 1 race, 3 horses for each place on the leaderboard)

Derby races are held in the open ring to encourage owners to keep their horses out in the open and to raise purses since no one could predict the actual outcome since each race includes both starters and runners. Derbies usually last for 3–3 ½ hours with the final stage being a three-horse match. Horses tend to compete for every prize and it is quite common to see riders in their late 20’s or 30’s compete in these races.

Derby races are also held in the stable and the horses usually win their entire race. When one side beats one of these horses, the owner gets all of the reward money up front and the other side has the other horse’s prize money.

Rugby Open, like all types of horse racing, will have 2–3 rounds of the same type of race.

Equipment and Rules

Equipment and rules are divided into two categories: racing equipment (baldings, harnesses, waddles, harnesses, saddles, reins, etc.) as well as racing rules (distance, time, number of horses, points).

There are many different categories of horse races and there is no one standard for equipment. The main ones are:


These races are for horses that are not competitively trained but that have been carefully trained for the purpose of performing various tricks when the horse must do so. The equipment for these races is identical to for racing regular racehorses.

For example, if the horse is doing a cart

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