What does boxing a horse bet mean? – Equibase Horse Racing Results

“It means that the player bets the horse that he won’t hit the floor or fall down and won’t crash to the ground. It’s a handicap that you put on one leg.”

How do I play horseshops?

“You can buy or own an entire lot of bet horse and then put it all on one horse so the whole lot is for one horse. You must buy any horse and not put any money on it.”

“Horseshops always come up short.”

What happens if I bet more than the horse I want to win, or there’s a horse that I can’t afford to win?

“First, be ready to lose. This is called over-betting and is the most common bet situation.”

“If you bet too much it’ll give you trouble later.”

“You need to be careful on bets that involve a lot of moving pieces, like the 3-2, or 3-5, or just about anything with three legs.”

“If the horse that you bet against has three legs, that’s always a sign that someone else bet against the horse in question. They put a lot of money on it. They’re not going to keep betting against it, but if you’ve got three legs they might do that if you bet on it. This is a bet where you are betting against yourself because you made a bad bet. If you want it, win it. But if you lose on it, it’s not a bet and should be called.”

If the horse I want to win, but I can’t afford to lose, must I bet it?

“Yes. If you can’t afford to lose, you must bet it. You have to be willing to give up what you’re willing to lose. If you’re willing to give up a lot of money, you can buy the horse for $8,000, and then you lose $8,000 and it turns out you won the race.”

“You have to have a high tolerance for risk.”

What about the betting, betting, betting, betting, gambling, betting in general?

“It goes against the spirit. It shouldn’t be allowed. It’s gambling. It doesn’t even have to be gambling,” he said.

Do horses make good pets?

“That’s a good question. They have big personalities. Some of them can’t be kept as pets. They

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