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What does going mean in horse racing?

This is what I hear a lot. They are saying: “I will go down in the history books if I do a PR on my horse and that means I have done the right thing.” How does that work in life? If you get in a wreck do you go down in the history books or down in the dustbin or down in the back of the barn without having done the right thing?

There is a difference between doing something that is not in your control and doing something that is in your control. And that is when you get involved in something that is not in your control there is no place to go.

I am also hearing that you will never win a race you win on the way to getting out of the pit at the last minute.
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That is absolutely wrong. And it does not get any better than that in life. It is a total mistake.

I read that you have won a lot of races this year.

Yeah, I have. But you have to win a race. So what have I won? I have won in every category. I am undefeated.

What is the difference between getting a big win and a huge win?

When you win a big race and you are not afraid to be humble and say congratulations, it is great and it can be so important to get that message out there. A big win that is only as good as the other person can do is not very valuable.

This is a huge advantage for a guy who does not have much money. A big win is a way of putting yourself in a stronger position when you start to think about what your career trajectory is going to be.

One thing that is very interesting about the American Dream is that you have this dream where you are going to be able to live on a single income for your entire life. But if you start to realize that this is not going to be a life of wealth and luxury and happiness, you are going to be very disappointed eventually.

If someone is going to tell you to stop working, are you going to believe them?

If I am sitting here saying yes, it is not going to happen because that is not the case. I am not going to give up. I am going to work. I am going to find an outlet where I can learn new skills and get in that competitive process at a faster rate.

I can be a professional gol

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