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That it is about the comfort of the horse, in the sense where every horse has some sort of preference, and the best horse’s preference, and they make good and bad choices about their position, and then it is about how they are perceived in race and the way the horses are held. One of those is also to do with the comfort of the rider and he wants to be as good as possible. I’ve had a good rider in racing for many years and he’ll always be the best and I’m sorry when the next best horse comes along.

If an animal is not happy with what the rider is doing on a day to day basis how can it be said that that horse is in the best position to run in the races and will do so in the future?

Yes, I believe if it’s not happy, and I’ve said this before, I’ve had too many times in this sport where you’ve made a mistake which is not going to happen again and then the next horse looks at you like ‘you’re a liar’.

I’m not going to pretend and say I know what happens in the races but if you do make a mistake you have the right to make the choice. I understand that all the time but there are times of uncertainty in a race where you have to make a choice.

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My last question is about riding. In your opinion, is it better to do training at the ranch or on a horse farm?

Ranch horses I think will be comfortable at the ranch because there they will enjoy everything that you do while riding on a horse farm and will get in the saddle and do not have to worry about the environment, water, all the things that are not as easy on a horse in the ranch. And I have to say that one reason I think that ranch horses I recommend in the races is because they give you a chance to really give the horses’ bodies the best possible chance and I know that horses on the ranch feel the best during training and in the races and I think that if at the ranch you do it then you have a chance to do it and be comfortable because at the ranch it feels like you’re in a family environment, you know.

We have a very positive working relationship with our riders and we do everything in its self to try and maintain that relationship if possible, and if not then we try and take time out of the season at the ranch to go to horse farms to train.

Any specific questions you’d

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