What does it mean to handicap a horse race? – Horse Racing On Tv April 6 2019

“A handicap allows you to set the pace. It’s a measure of how fast the horse can run, how fast a rider can pass them and how well they can turn. It’s a measurement of how quickly the horse goes with that speed.”

What about horses that don’t run fast, and they are slower or stronger?

“In a racing match like the one you’re watching here, a competitor can have a handicap, but they can also ride with it.”

Is it fair that if a horse is faster or stronger, it’s called handicap racing?

“It’s fair. There’s no ‘race’ to it…it’s a contest to see who can ride fast enough or strong enough to get by an opponent faster than him. All sports are competitions. In every sport there’s a winner and a loser. If a horse is strong, like this stallion, he’s going to be tough.”

How does handicap racing affect the horses?

“If they’re running at two to three times their normal speed, then they won’t get by you. With your advantage handicap, you can pass them. You can catch them in a turn, and you can hold your line. If your horse is strong, the better he is, you’re going to dominate that.”

“We do not handicap the horse at the track. It’s up to the individual horse.”

What if the competition is already over and you want to take it to a championship event?

“That’s good, because if you win, you get a high prize money. That goes straight back to your sponsor. And you’ve taken away a part of the cost of racing…”

Why is it called handicap racing?

“It’s because this type of racing is called ‘horseracing by handicaps’. If we had just called it ‘racing’, we didn’t have the same name.”
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“If you have too many handicaps in your horses, they won’t be able to compete. They’ll never get the chance. Their speed will go down a bit faster too. It makes them all slow. You don’t want that. That would be a disaster.”

Why do you prefer not to handicap a race?

“That’s good. You’re handicapping that horse to win that prize money.”

“That doesn’t matter. The reason we handicap is to make sure

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