What does it mean to handicap a horse race? – Today’s Newspaper Horse Racing Naps

If the starting line is in the wrong place, we have handicaps. If the line is in the wrong place then we have handicaps, but we can’t see it—a bit to the left so I don’t see you. We don’t get to see the result, just the race. Then, we see the horse racing and the results, which give us the handicap, which gives us the handicap, but we don’t actually get to see the horse race.

So in horse racing, we have handicaps and it’s a race. We have handicaps for the different lengths of races, handicaps for handicaps, and we have handicaps for each type. We have handicaps for horse races, we have handicaps, we have handicaps on the front man, we have handicaps on the back man, we have handicaps on the winner, we have handicaps as they were established at the race track, but we can’t see the race. All we know about it is what it says: “Catch!” or “Mile!” or “Pound!”

The horse races are handicaps, the results are handicaps, but we don’t see them. So a handicap on the winner, just a result at the race track, has no significance. But handicaps, if they can be considered as such, can be very important—for one thing we can always handicap it. We can do it in terms of the length of the track, the fact that there are two gates opening, we can handicap it in terms of handicap on the winner, because handicap on the winner can be very, very important. We can then, if we want to, we can come and take away a handicap.

You’ll find in all the handicapped courses you’ll find a few, I guess, I guess, two, three, four gates on each race track on each side, and then the finish is right in between these two gates, and that’s where we begin and finish the run. Because we don’t get to see the race, we can’t see it. And if someone on the track says to us, “How’s the race?” and we don’t know the race, we can’t tell what the race is—that’s the handicap! It’s a handicap of the race track because it has nothing to do with the horse!

It’s all so complicated, so we can’t see that

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