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In case you missed a weekend, there’s a new horse at Long Beach, and he has a number of familiar names:

1. American Pharoah has become a fan favorite in his third stint in Long Beach, trailing J.J., whose winning streak in the event at 1-8-2, with five wins in six starts.

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Erin Andrews, American Pharoah gave a good explanation as to why he’s winning here, “The track really works for me, my comfort level, the track itself, there’s a good amount of elevation, the grass is a little rougher, the trees are a little more tall, the railings are a little wider. I find the track to be much more comfortable. In the past there was too much elevation, and I would get nervous, and my horses would run into the trees too much.”

That aside, American Pharoah has won a significant number of races here over the last six or seven years. In fact, there are a few more victories than any other horse in the history of the race in this section of Long Beach. That’s why the race has an asterisk next to it for a reason.

American Pharoah is one of three horses listed here with a winning streak of more than two full rounds in Long Beach, another is a four-time winner, and the last is the first man to win here since the late John Davis in 1997.

The winner: American Pharoah. After a very nice win last week, he bounced back with a clean sweep over the weekend, making a strong showing in his second career Long Beach appearance. As he has done repeatedly, American Pharoah won decisively with less than three seconds left in the race and took a quick lead in the first race back at the track, taking out three different mares. He had to settle for the two fourth-place finishers in the race, and he was very clearly the favorite heading into Friday. But American Pharoah’s streak never ended.

A horse that makes you wonder if the best horse in the world could ever make it to Long Beach again is Kneechanning, who has won there a handful of times. This particular horse has a very solid record – including a win in his rookie event last February – but also a track record of not winning here. If he made it to Long Beach, would his winning streak ever end?


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