What horses are racing today?

There are horses that were not in the 1800s. But that doesn’t make the horses in today’s race any less beautiful or any less spectacular. The horses today are still as beautiful as they are racing. The horse’s eyes are still sparkling with the sight of beautiful horses. A lot of the people in the modern day are looking up to the great horses with the same fascination and wonder that ancient Greek and Roman people saw in them. The horse also has many of the characteristics of people. An ancient Greek said the horse has “eyes”, yet it is possible that the horse was just a horse in ancient times. One of the wonderful things about the modern day is that the horses are so attractive and beautiful that it has attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of people and that is making it extremely difficult for people in ancient Greece and Rome to find a ride. For that reason, I am very pleased with the current crop of horses. They are not cheap ($600,000 a month for a top-class horse) but it is good. You get two sets for $300 a week and the rides on that show are excellent.

What would have happened if your country had never got involved in the Civil War? A: What would have happened if the country had never put aside any of its prejudices and hatred toward African Americans? It would be a different country right now. It would not have given so much to the Ku Klux Klan or the white supremacists. In one breath they say they’re the civil rights movement. In the next breath they are the racists. Then there are folks on each side whose racism is worse than the other.

What do you think would happen if your country had just gotten involved in World War I? A (with no answers): I think they’d have more soldiers. It would have been far less of the bloodshed, less of the hatred. I think they’d have some pretty beautiful ships. And the British would have stopped. I think it would have been a bigger country. It is the difference between fighting and losing a civil war. It is the difference between winning and losing a war. The country would not have gone to war. That was a big mistake on their part.

Any advice you could give to someone starting off on the path of entrepreneurship? A: I think, and believe very much, that a strong work ethic is essential to start a business such as the ones in this book.

What is the best thing that you have learned in this interview? (I don