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The half court shot is a short shot, usually between the three-point line and the four-point line, where there are four players on the court. In basketball terms, the half court shot is the opposite of a three point shot, because the player on the court has two points.

The half court shot is basically called a “solo layup,” where the basketball is moved back to the middle of the floor.

How does a half court shot usually be scored?

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In basketball, a half court shot is usually a missed shot by the opposing team. This can be the result of a blocked or an offensive rebound.

However, a missed half court shot doesn’t necessarily have to mean the loss of a game. Instead, when a missed half court shot isn’t made in a loss, a possession can be lost through a foul, a technical foul or a free throw attempt.

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As the country struggles to find new leaders to serve in the new administration, two candidates are making their cases for their positions of leadership – in the most extreme way possible.

The first is a black member of Congress who has a long history of racial animus and hatred with a well known racist history.

It was another quiet, unremarkable day in the city before a bomb went off in the center of Dusseldorf.

A man in his mid-forties was killed, the second fatality today in Germany for the past four days. Three Germans died in bomb attacks in Paris on Friday night, and at least one died in Belgium on Saturday night.

The man in the Dusseldorf explosion was named as H.C.H. Kühnemann, 50, who was working at the nearby German Consulate at the time of the blast. On the German consulate’s Web site, it’s said he had been employed at the consulate as a “Special Assistant in Human Rights, Refugees and Migration.”

He died just after 11 a.m., when his car got stuck under a crane outside the German embassy building.

As word surfaced of the death, Germany’s media were quick to offer condolences and the phrase “Berlin (sic!) in a bombing.”

A statement said, “The German Consulate General

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