What is a layup in basketball? – Ladbrokes

Well, I have no idea. It sounds like a bad joke, but I’m going be really boring if you’re not in agreement. A layup is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a play in which the shooter drives to a basket and waits for a teammate there, typically after being the first to catch a pass or pick up a rebound. Generally considered a missed hook shot or layup, the point of a layup is to get the ball in the basket for the team at the basket, where it should not be. Thus the play should be an offensive move designed to get the team from the offensive zone to where they need to be in order to score. A layup is generally shot in the mid-range to the outside, with the offensive player either coming off the fastbreak or the half-court line. The layup is also considered the move where the ball handler (usually the player that was the first player to catch the ball) begins driving to the rim, hoping to catch the ball in the air with the entire opposing team standing in the way. Since the offensive player cannot take a dribble from the perimeter, they must run at the defense in all directions before they can get to the basket, a type of layup that could be referred to as a “slapper-toothed” layup. In layups, you will sometimes see players “tuck” the ball to the right elbow and then run at the defense, with the ball eventually falling between their fingers. This is also called a reverse layup. Another type of layup is a quick pullup, which is also a good way to get the ball back into play, allowing the player to shoot in the paint. A pullup is shot in the range of a five-point shot, usually in the paint, by catching the defender’s hands by the tip of each of his fingers at the end of his outstretched arm. If you’re a fan of the game, you have seen this play many times. Another play that is sometimes called a “breakaway layup is a play where the player drives to the rim before dribbling, pulling the ball up and firing to the other side of the basket, usually from the right elbow. This is a great offensive move and it’s what a good college basketball team runs, but it isn’t exactly the same as a layup. Since the shot is in the midrange, the defensive player can’t reach the ball or catch it. Instead, he will often look for

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