What is NAP horse racing tips? – Horse Racing In Ky Today

If you’ve followed our regular blog updates, you may have heard of “NAP tips” being offered as part of a marketing promotion.

In this post, we’re going to look at the best ways to improve your NAP race horse performances.

The first step to improving horse racing performance is to make yourself aware of the “nAP tips” used by those who run NAP races. If you’re not sure what those “nAP tips” are, let us know by commenting below! You can also find the full content in the infographic below!

NAP tips, tips, tips, and more NAP tips? Click for full size image.

What “nAP horse racing tips” do you use?

1. Make your horse look good.

Some “nAP horse racing tips” focus on making your horse look good by using a variety of tricks like the “pump dance” (which is a fancy way of stretching your horse’s back) or the “dancing horse” (which is a fancy way of using tricks to bend your horse’s back).

2. Be careful with the horse.

Many people who use NAPs make the mistake of letting their horses try to take advantage by chasing the crowd and racing with them. They then lose their horse to another NAP at the finish line, and their horses might even get badly hurt.

3. Give your horse something to do.

NAPs aren’t for everyone—they can be expensive and take a great deal of time and energy. But if your horse enjoys playing with other horses or is naturally friendly, NAPs can really help him.

4. Do NOT let your horse run down a tack.

NAPs are used to improve horse running—so naturally, some people get creative in terms of tricks and obstacles used to get your horse down a tack. Be aware that if your horse gets hurt during an NAP, he or she may not be ready to run the race again after the finish line.

5. Avoid accidents.

Many “nAP horse racing tips” say to let your horses get off a horse too hard so they can get off a tack; it has a very bad effect on the race. Some people also suggest using a “sail” instead of tack as a replacement tack. This is not recommended because it can make your horse more stressed. Try instead to let your horses relax.

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