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That’s a good question, but the answer is… nap. Naps are an essential part of the modern day workday and they help keep us productive, energized, and creative.

Nap of the Day will provide you the opportunity to:

• Learn to nap. No, you don’t have to use your head to get us going like some sort of caveman. Rather, you just need to open yourself up and let it happen. This is where mindfulness comes in. There are three parts to doing a nap:

1) Focus

2) Relax and enjoy the experience

3) Let it happen

In the above video, I talk about what it feels like to nap, so click on the play button to see how this all comes together in just a few minutes.

If you’ve been working on anything creative lately, take a nap. If not, here’s what some creative folks have been saying about napping:

So now that you have some ideas for nap ideas, why not help us take on the world?

Napping is a great way to unwind, clear your mind and take a few “minutes.” It can help you stay focused, calm and focused.

If you have never tried nap, give it a try. If all else fails, share this with a friend!




Trying to put yourself in the shoes of a struggling person?

The following tips could be helpful:

1.) Make it fun to get things done.

One of the great things that comes with starting a new habit is the ability to make it a little more interesting than just “doing the same thing every day.” One of the things that can help you relax and be better prepared to do the thing you’re doing is to find out more about it. That is especially true if you have a specific issue or situation that you want to address. Try to get as much information as possible as to what the issue is, and how you can help.

2.) Know your boundaries.

Do you feel comfortable with sharing your thoughts about a particular behavior? Does sharing it make you feel uncomfortable? Can you control what others have to say about you? Have you ever shared something like this before? How many times have you said something like this?

Your own boundary will determine how much information can get out in the open about your thoughts and emotions. If you don’t know

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