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In general people are more active when the price is above $100 and the chart is up. For other times, people are more active when the price is below $100 and the chart is down. In those cases they have a big advantage over those who don’t follow or trade price.

The same thing applies for the market. You will have a clear advantage when the price is down and the chart is up, as long as the price is below $90. There is no such advantage with the market as the price usually stays above $90.

A Florida sheriff says a state employee turned over a laptop to a burglary suspect.

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams tells local media that he called the man and told him if he was at the sheriff’s office, he should not try to get the laptop back.

The sheriff says the employee handed over the device, but didn’t know it had been turned over to a burglary suspect.

The sheriff says the employee has been placed on administrative leave and will be charged with theft.

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In his book on American exceptionalism, Daniel Bell, an American scholar, asserts that: “In the United States, there’s a deep-seated, almost instinctive resistance to change. Americans are resistant to change because Americans are the only people in the history of the world who were afraid of change, afraid of change in the face of change, afraid of change when things seemed to be going in the American direction but they never did. They’re not afraid in general, they’re not like Germans in World War II who were also afraid of the change of direction.” American exceptionalism is thus an assertion of American power and powerlessness in the world. As a consequence, in his book, Bell calls for a strong American response to the present global challenges (e.g. to a potential war in Asia). Yet he does not provide evidence to support a claim to exceptionalism. He does not argue that American policy ought to be guided by exceptionalist logic and reason.

We know from the recent experiences of some European countries that when it comes to confronting emerging threats, Europeans appear to exhibit more exceptionalist logic than do Americans. In the past, American exceptionalism was defined by a commitment to the primacy of America’s interests over that of other nations, to American exceptionalism (or to international community or global justice or international order) over those of other nations’ citizens, and to

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