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The most exciting thing to happen in the market was the big one in the first quarter: The New York Times ran its weekly “Money” column, the first of its kind for a national newspaper. (The last one was published in 1968, and the closest equivalent today is in the Wall Street Journal’s “Business, Markets and Lifestyle” column, which appeared weekly from 1976 to 2000.)

The Times column, the Times’s most profitable business book since its inception in 1871, has become a leading source of revenue to the Times, which in 2005 had $7 billion in net debts. This week, it added an additional $250 million.

And just like any other newspaper columnist, the Times’s business model depends on readers. As the Times told me last month, it’s “one of the most successful businesses on the planet.” That’s true, but it depends on its readers, not on advertisers, that gives it enormous power and influence—the very thing that the Times, with its advertising, has been accused of neglecting over the past several years.

Indeed, the Times editorial page, the paper’s centerpiece, is just one of a number of pillars that make up the Times: the Sunday paper, the advertising, the digital news, and the financial news—all of them part of the very financial structure created by the founders of this American institution.

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