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“We’re not taking a bet with us. That’s about how we are moving forward and we have to continue along that path and that’s probably not what a lot of people are thinking. We don’t know if a lot of people are thinking that way and we’re not going to change our approach. That might be the best, but certainly not the only path we may take to get there.”

What does “doing” mean to you?

“You can’t do anything else. You don’t get to the point where you do anything else. I’ll have coffee every morning if I’m on Monday at the office and you should do the same, and do the same in the morning and at night. This just makes it easier as a player and as someone involved at this level to stay focused on that goal. I’m not being selfish or anything like that. I’m always going to do that. But we’re not going to get to that point tomorrow. There’s some people who need to do some more than others, but there’s a lot of things that I’m proud of and there’s a lot more for me to do. I’m looking forward to the next thing. There’s something I can do that gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction, that I’ve done nothing but try to contribute to this organization and to the sport, and I’m going to spend some time working on that and I’m going to continue to push myself and move forward.”
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What are you most proud of this past season?

“We’ve just improved our whole system and we took a step back and learned a ton. There’s many things we can improve and the guys have done well. We have more players ready and healthy to make plays. It’s important we get them out there. We had a lot of success in the first half of the season. We really have a strong nucleus. Our guys are ready and I’m excited about our team going forward.”

Do you take pride in playing in the city of Winnipeg?

“Absolutely. I have a little home turf when I’m here and I’m thrilled to go down there. I grew up in Winnipeg. It was a great place to grow up and I really want to give back.”

Is there a place you would like to play that is more special than Winnipeg?

“There are few places in the NHL I would rather play than Winnipeg. It’s a great town, it’s fun to be in the

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