What is the biggest horse race in America? – Today’s Horse Racing Schedule

Well, the second-biggest is the presidential race between Hillary and Donald Trump. But it’s not necessarily a real race. You could say, if they were going to sit for an interview and they said ‘I support the death penalty,’ then they’re lying.

You could say the same thing for, you know, ‘I support climate change,’ etcetera. You could say the same thing about anything else. So the ‘biggest horse race ‘ in America is really the presidential race.

But you’re saying it’s not. Is that correct?

Well, the second-biggest is the presidential race. But I say that in all fairness, when it comes to the election, I think we all understand that Trump’s campaign isn’t over. Like I said, he still wins the support of some people in this room.

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But it doesn’t mean that he can’t be defeated. I think the president of the United States, who’s got a much bigger megaphone, will win another term in just about every single state.

Why’s that a big deal?

If we had four Democrats and four Republicans, the Republican would win in every single state in the country, not just Ohio. But the Democratic Party is very, very fractured and they’re very divided. And I think that that’s going to play a major role in what happens come November.

But Ohio is like a microcosm. It’s a white working class town that’s gone very blue. That, by the way, is what they’re fighting about. And people don’t know that. I know they don’t know that.

On the day when her husband would appear on stage in front of a crowd of cheering crowds, Elenita Sow was worried about his health. He had suffered seizures in June. “He was very shaky,” she told the Guardian. “We had to walk him on the other side of a hall so people could take pictures and hear his voice at the end.” There would be little time to celebrate as her husband passed away just one day previously and was diagnosed with dementia early in the month.

Elenita is one of the tens of thousands of people in Australia, like her husband, who have died with dementia, and their case has been closely examined in recent days following a meeting of the Australian dementia commission. “If they get an early diagnosis, we would support it even if he was too weak to walk,” an elderly

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