What is the oldest horse race in the world? – Oddschecker Stats

[18:05:37.633] [Local] “The oldest race” [18:05:40.063] [Local] “The oldest race i’ve ever seen was here [18:05:41.743] [Local] ^^ [18:05:52.073] [Local] We got them up [18:05:53.743] [Local] on the podium [18:05:56.043] [Local] And that, ladies and gentleman, is that [18:06:03.143] [Local] That is the first question [18:06:06.903] [Local] *next question* [18:06:09.043] [Local] *slides [18:06:18.043] [Local] *Slides* [18:06:26.042] [Local] If we had a vote for the next horse race [18:06:29.042] [Local] who would you choose? [18:06:36.043] [Local] Do you agree? [18:06:40.072] [Local] Do you disagree? [18:06:43.043] [Local] *raises hand* [18:06:47.043] [Local] yes. *raises arm and raises hand again* [18:06:49.043] [Local] *raises hand* [18:06:53.043] [Local] … [18:06:55.043] [Local] *raises hand again* [18:07:03.903] [Local] Why? [18:07:08.043] [Local]