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The European Food Safety Authority has confirmed a new case of contamination at its Eurowings plant.

As a result, all staff and customers returning to the premises will be checked for traces of food poisoning, the group said via a press release.

It also said tests for nitrite, a key ingredient that the Eurowings firm uses in the production of its food, showed that traces of the substance had been spotted throughout some stores, and that “the possibility of a secondary incident” had not been ruled out.

A total of six of 14 Eurowings facilities in the country have been affected by this new contamination.
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All Eurowings retail locations were closed, and a number of staff members were sent for further investigation.

The Eurowings Group operates four retail sites in France – Paris, Nantes, Nice and Tours – and one in Germany – Hamburg.

Its French unit, which employs around 1,100 people, has been operating in France since 2007.

The Eurowings Group said it was providing all appropriate support for its employees and customers.

The company noted that the recent incident occurred in one of its two main facilities on the French-German border in France, and it will continue to monitor the situation closely while assessing the extent of the contamination and its impact on other Eurowings facilities.

One person is currently under investigation after allegedly taking a group of people hostage and threatening them with gun charges.

According to ABC 7 News, the situation started around 1:30 p.m. in a home in the 2000 block of Pine Street. The homeowner called police and got an immediate response. Police say two women and four men are believed to be involved and there are now barricades posted.

Multiple shots were fired, a car was set on fire and a man was shot in the leg when someone opened fire in broad daylight. Police say the woman took her boyfriends hostage in their car and then threatened them with a gun.

When police arrived, they found three of the hostages and the man. They were taken to the hospital.

A suspect is seen on cell phone video taking hostages while armed with a pistol in a group photo shared on social media.

Police say the other woman is the owner of the home where the incident occurred.

The other woman appears to be holding up her boyfriends hostage because of a recent issue with the house. The man who was shot in the

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