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We got to ask some people who have worked with horses to discover what they think are the biggest and smartest horses in the world. So, here is a quick quiz based on our experts’ opinions…

The Smartest Horse Breed is Horse and not the best horse;

The smartest horse breed is horses with the largest brains among their breed, the fastest ones in the land, the best in training, the best in handling a variety of conditions and a good temperament. You can name horses that are smarter than all of those and some smarter than all of those but we will save that for next week’s article.

In order to make the quiz you should know a little bit about horses and their health and performance. It is a good idea to look into the health of your horses and check in on them periodically. If you do check in then make an effort to ask your horses lots of questions on a variety of topics. For example, ask questions such as “How long does a horse live” or “How does a horse look when it goes for a long walk”. Horses are good at looking at things and their health is a great indicator on how smart a horse is. If a horse has been in an accident and you can’t find him then he had a good health before the accident.

Another good question to ask your horses is, how long were you in the horse world as a horse owner before you were working horse? Were you training a horse for a job or for fun? Are you looking after your horse and keeping up with all the horse grooming and training and medical care? How does a horse look and feel after a long hard and happy life?

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This quiz isn’t about whether a horse has the biggest or smartest brains in the world, but how intelligent and good they are for what they do for a living. This is why we have chosen all of the questions below for you to take. Make an effort to keep up with horse health in general and ask as many horses questions as you can. When you are finished with this quiz do you think the biggest, fastest and best in the world are the fastest, smartest and best in training among their breed?

The smartest horse breed

As I said earlier, it is a good idea to do some research before you come knocking at a dog kennel door about where to buy a puppy but you don’t need all of that info if you want to get a good looking puppy. It is also important to check in with your

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