What post position has never won the Derby?

Which one would be better to do it in?

It’s a real tossup and I’m not sure where we will go. I think I would probably do it on the back of our victory over Norwich in the final league game of the season, as that was our goal and this one was going to be about doing that. I could even think it if it was to do with getting three points on home ground if we were still in the league, for example.

That’s where a bit of tactical flexibility is needed if you’re going to do it. The problem is, with two strikers there, one of them must win the ball back and get into position, then you lose two players who could take it forward.

What is the biggest problem you’ve had at the Emirates Stadium?

It seems to have been more than one particular problem. Most times, we go away from the ground and the ground is very difficult, whether it’s the pitch or the grass. We have just got to do something better.

I have an understanding with the players and staff that the stadium manager will come with them at their games, so I can see how we’ve got that problem. But I’m sure if they go there, we’ll get it fixed. We’ve already had that problem.

Do you know who is the boss there?

No but I can see how he’d probably know who that is anyway. His name is Kevin Keegan and we’ve got a good relationship.

If I were Chelsea, I would probably sign him. He’s fantastic. He’s got a fantastic knowledge of football as well. He’s fantastic with players, great with the kit boys. That’s what makes him the right guy not just now as Chelsea, but probably ever.

Have any of your players approached you about moving abroad?

No, of course not. We keep it very quiet about it. I haven’t spoken to one of them (Jose Mourinho). I told them yesterday I wouldn’t speak to anybody about it.

Do you have a good relationship with the chairman?

I get on well with him. It’s not like I know him. I knew him when he was still at Everton because I was one of the players who worked with him in Liverpool. He was a great manager and I like him a lot. He’s a very good person and I respect him a lot. I think he’s a very good man.

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