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If we look at this graph closely it’s also interesting to note that post position gains the most every single season. You might ask, “Hey, what makes that true?” Actually, there are a few reasons why posting a bad job is often the best option for the best post position.

The biggest thing a good defender needs to accomplish is to avoid getting beat up. There is simply not enough room in football for a defensive lineman to get beat up so easily, and the best defensive lineman, once they are able to get the best angle, should make it a point to get beat up on every snap, rather than just after the snap. It is easier to play without getting injured. Post position is especially advantageous to a defensive lineman that can play with leverage or is quick (which is the case for most of the defensive linemen, at least). Once post position increases, it becomes advantageous to be strong and versatile as well; because the more versatile a player is, the harder it is for offensive linemen to beat him up.

However, there is something else that is important in any post position position. If you are having the worst season of your career, and you still posting low points, it doesn’t necessarily mean you got beat up or that you are weak, it’s simply that your team is struggling. You will post a very low percentage of wins in a game, but if it’s the first time you’ve done it, maybe it’ll be a sign that your position got beaten up and you’re not able to perform well enough to win that game.

So, what post position do you gain? And can it be avoided, or did it get beat up by your team? Leave your answers in the comment section below!

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