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If you’re a post position, chances are you are using a variety of tactics during the season; some of which are good, others bad and some of which are borderline. But in today’s article we will look at a few of my favorites.

1. Dribble/Drive

When you get the ball in the post, you are trying to score and get off a couple of fast break opportunities. You have lots of space and that is one of your main goals.

The reason why you do this is simple, you are setting up for a scoring opportunity: you give the ball to the player going to the hoop or drive past him.

The players who succeed in this situation can do a variety of stuff with it, which is discussed below.

2. Posting

The idea of a post is to try to get the ball in the front of the opponent’s defense. Usually, it is a bit aggressive by design, in that we play the ball up the court as soon as we have a chance to win the ball back. The idea here is to give the advantage to the post player by making it hard for your opponent to recover from doing this.

This happens in most different situations; it is generally the best option available in the offense if your offense has no good option. But in those situations where the opportunity arises, a post player will often do what is best for the team by using a move/moveout where they can get in front of the defense.

3. Rebounding Possession

Possessions are usually contested in the post game. This generally results in a turnover or a bad shot by the team in possession. The point is this; your post player should be good enough to recover and use any rebound opportunity you give him to score, not just to get a rebound.

When you do get a rebound opportunity, it is usually because your defender commits to protecting it or the ball gets tipped away out of bounds. This does not mean it can be ignored, however, with enough practice you really do get to know when it can be contested and when it simply can not have any chance of getting into the post.

4. Pulling Pins

Once upon a time, the most common strategy at the basket was to have the ball in the top of your key or in the backcourt.

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