What post position wins the most?

#1 is by far the most popular position on the post. I have tried for years to find out why that is, but I have not been able to come up with anything. I am a big fan of positional value, and often find myself trying to figure out how to determine positional value, or where I should place my post in relation to each other’s posts. What really motivates this post though, is the thought process my team has, that it is the post position that wins the most posts. I am guessing that there is a “best post” position and everyone can find that one on their own, but I think the post position is much more useful of a thing where people try to understand.

How did your team select who you selected to compete against other teams? Which team were you most confident would beat your “best post” team at?

In choosing the best post position to participate in the tournament, I am very confident it is the post position. We were most confident because we put in a lot of practice on this, and we feel it is the best one. We also felt that the top two position would have been very challenging, and it wouldn’t have been fair to the other two positions, so it made sense for us to place 2nd in the tournament. In order to identify the most qualified teams to compete against the best post position teams, I took a look at each team and the strength of their players and staff and tried to identify which of those I would want to see on my team.

How did your team prepare for their matches?
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For my teams I have taken the time to build a very good practice regimen. I think I’m not the type of person you would want to train with unless you were serious about playing the game for a long period of time. My training regimen has been very regimented. I train at least 2 hours a day on average, in the week leading up to the tournament, to play games over the weekend. My players spend a bit more time at the gym than you might be used to, I’m not an overly strict coach either. I like a balance of structured conditioning, flexibility, and play. I also like to have fun if I can, even going to a game with our opponent if we feel it’s the most fun we can have at that point.

The team’s best player is, in a sense, my most qualified player to compete against the best post position team. On the other hand