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It would depend on the city. In Philadelphia, New York City and Chicago, for example, you can legally have up to four children. In Dallas or Tampa, it’s illegal to have more than five children. But in other places you would have to be careful with the number of children or if you were in a multi-ethnic family that had kids together (in my case, it was more like three kids).

Do I really have to get married?

Not really. You can get married without marriage licenses so long as you are in a marriage license or an officiated nuptials. But if you are in a civil union or a legally recognised partnership, you need a marriage license, not a civil union license. You may still be eligible to get married as an unmarried parent, but the marriage is the real deal. When is it? At every single moment of your life, in every single way. You need to be prepared for marriage.

But will I feel like I have been in love with that married woman/man/boy/girl for the past 20 years? Do I miss having a spouse?

For the first time in my life, I am thinking yes. I feel like I am really in love, and I don’t miss having a spouse at least a little bit. I miss the comfort of being able to hold somebody close, especially if that somebody loves me very much, too. Not everything is as it seems and not everything you read about in the news is true, especially in this case. If you are in a serious relationship, you have to stay committed and keep going. But being in a civil union, or a legally recognised relationship where you are allowed to have sex with your partner even if you are not married — that’s the dealbreaker. You’ve agreed. You’ve got it made. That’s the dealbreaker.
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Why should I care?

If you live in a country where your country decides that you cannot have children or your children are not allowed to have children — that is a whole other kind of hell, isn’t it? And if you live in a country where you can have children, but your country won’t let you have anyone else — what happens then? And that is really the issue. You say, ‘I have a right to have sex because I am a woman.’ But if people in the USA say ‘I think you should not be having children,’ and there is no provision for it here, what does that

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