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The answer is surprisingly complex. The race is determined by the fastest time, so while a horse could not win the event if it was not the fastest time, it could still lose. So instead of using a simple average, the race’s winner is awarded the fastest time for that time period for that race’s class.

For example, a horse that was last in a Kentucky Derby, with a time of 2:09.5, has scored as the winner of the Kentucky Derby Class 4 class. That would mean that it came in second place, or an average of 1:03.2, the fastest time for that race’s class.

Some horses can make a comeback after a terrible year, but others do not. For example, in the 2009 Virginia Derby, the winning horse was ridden by a woman named Svetlana Kuznetsova, who would have been the winner of the 2012 Miss National, at the track’s old layout. The next day, she was outfitted in a headdress and had her neck broken. That would have resulted in an automatic disqualification, which would have been used against the horse instead of its winning time.

A horse’s time does not affect its ability to run in the race. Each horse is given a percentage of its class’ time. A class of 4 (which includes all of the Class 3 and Class 2 horses), for example, has an average class time of 1:14.6. The 1:14.6 is the second-fastest class time for the class for that race.

While a horse’s time will affect how many times it can break a time barrier, it will not determine a winner. There may be four finalists for a Kentucky Derby Award, but only one horse can finish in the top eight.

When do the horses run?
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As mentioned above, each race has an opening time period of two and a half hours. The race usually starts after 11 a.m. with each of the four classes. The race announcer then announces the winner and the horse’s name.

There is a three-minute time limit between starts; time can be used in any manner in the race.

What happens on the last lap?

There is a 10-minute runoff period, during which the first-place horses can be disqualified, but the top-rated horse has no need to worry. The top-ranked thoroughbred can make it as far as fourth place during the last

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