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How many languages do you speak?

Does it have a government?

How much income do you have?

What is your biggest complaint?

What are you doing in the city?

The answer might not be obvious, but this is one question that is always worth considering.

The information you collect may be useful to a lot of people.

In some cases this information may even be used to make better decisions.

The fact that the data in your dashboard can save time, money and lives is a good thing.

Now that you have built your dashboard, let’s get started!

Creating your first dashboard

Step 1: Create an account on dashboard builder.io

Dashboard builder provides you with two free sign-up options:

Login with email: Dashboard builder

Login using Facebook: Dashboard.com

As soon as you sign-up, you will be presented with a login page.

Let’s go through the first few fields of the dashboard.


Login page

Login page

Select your login method: By email

By Facebook

By Twitter

Note: You can skip the ‘By email’ part and enter the email your user account has been assigned (either the same email as your facebook account or the user name of the user you have added to your dashboard)

Fill out your username and password:

Username: Email: Password: Email Address:

Step 2: Create a dashboard

When you have created your dashboard you can go and start using it. However, before you get started creating widgets, lets go through my favorite steps.

Step 3: Widget creation

I love to create widgets. In this step I will go through two different methods I’ve used to create them.

Method 1: Dashboard builder

Dashboard builder is the preferred method for creating widgets. It is simple and intuitive.

By clicking the ‘Create Dashboard’ button, you get to your dashboard page.

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For this example I will be going with the “Widgets” page.

Step 4: Widget creation

First, you will see a list of existing widgets you can create now:

Click the Create widget… option, type in the name of the widget (name or description) in the field, click save, then click the Create button.


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