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We are thrilled to present to you our most recent offering – the Cinefex #7! We have received overwhelming response to this issue, from readers and viewers alike.
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“I wanted to share my excitement that the Cinefex is out and its a wonderful experience in and of itself for us!! I had the opportunity to visit several international film festivals such as CINEFEX in Germany, CINéFEX in Spain, and CINEFEX at Cannes. What a difference these four festivals can make! The cinematography from each festival makes a difference. You will not be disappointed. You will not be disappointed with this experience. You will have a wonderful time at CINÉFEX! Thank you very much. ” Ira Einhorn & Susan Mello at Cinefex

“I am happy to report that this issue is very much read by film buffs in the U.S. And I think it has been a great support for us here. This is something that we are very grateful to Cinefex for allowing us to have in the press and give some great examples of what is being brought to the world. It’s great to know we are helping make this international film festival possible” Jeff Atherton, producer of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ at CINÉFEX

“This is the best film festival ever! I was at the Cannes Film Festival a few years ago and the Cinefex #7 was the best thing, and also the most surprising. It was so much fun and I felt much closer to the movie than I did the first time I saw it, and that really made me fall in love and love that Cinefex is the way it is and it’s great that they’re doing something like this. Great job!” Dan O’Donnell, director of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ at CINÉFEX

“The Cinefex #7 was wonderful! I’ve been to Cannes, Berlin, Rome, and Tokyo and in each place I’ve had such a wonderful time and this is the most entertaining festival I’ve been to so far. I’m really really excited about it.”

Cinefex Cannes (2015)

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