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-The Associated Press

A woman accused of sexually assaulting her daughter after making an unusual request during a visit to a California nursing home on Tuesday said she was too distraught to recall what happened.

“I’m so shaken up,” the woman told a news conference, calling herself Tasha and a mother of five.

Tasha, who has not been charged, said she had been visiting her mother in Oakley, California, after the 86-year-old was admitted at the nursing home in Lompoc, said Chief James Linn of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department.

“She asked me where she (the child) could go and, I guess she was in denial about her age,” Tasha said.

The mother, a resident of Oakley, said she had been with the 87-year-old woman about three miles from the nursing home for about two hours the day before when she walked down a hallway and saw the woman walking with her hands clasped to her breast. The mother said the woman asked the woman why she had not made more children before. The woman then allegedly lifted her shirt and the mom told her the baby was already born. The mother said the woman was then upset.

“She said, ‘Your baby’s already born.’ I said, ‘Why are you upset?’ She said, ‘Because you didn’t make her.’ ”

The mother said the woman also asked the woman to take off her shirt and she thought the woman might have been joking, but the woman allegedly said no. The mother said the woman then grabbed her daughter and tried to pull her out of the room, but the mother said the woman grabbed her shoulder, and when she pushed the woman away, the woman began rubbing herself against her.

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Finally, Tasha said she called the nursing home that day. The woman said she told the caregiver she was going to call the police.

“I’m trying to understand what I was going through,” Tasha said. “I’m the mom. I’m the one who’s in charge. I know what’s going on. I’m worried.”

Tasha said the woman, who has been arrested, was at the nursing home the last two days.

The mother said she had called local law enforcement, and several agencies have been checking on her and her

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