Who is the fastest horse of all time?

The man who has completed the most thorough, or equivalent, analysis on a horse.

Who has won the greatest number of horses and what are the results?

A list of the greatest number of horses won by one individual.

Who invented the horseshoe?

The answer? No one really knows, but a couple have attempted to claim credit. (See: Horse-Horseshoes: Facts and Fictions)

Who made the first horseshoe?

The name comes down to a single inventor or two, and it probably occurred in Italy around the middle of the 1600’s, though it is generally believed to have been first used in the mid-1800’s.

Who made the first horseshoe for horses?

The answer: a horse owner named Ederus.

When was the longest horseshoe run?

The answer is unknown, but the oldest documented horseshoe run, which has lasted almost 40 years, was established in 1996. (You can see detailed information on our website:

What are the fastest horses of all time?

The horse is named after its most famous speedster.

Who has won the biggest race?

See Race # 2 below

Who is the first person in the horse’s lineage?

Probably the first to lay claim to that title is George Washington. He was the first man at sea. But he was not the first man to win a race.

The answer: George Washington was born in 1740.

What is the fastest horse of all time?

There are few people who can match the length of time a horse will make it in a race.

Who made the first horseshoe for horses?

Who invented the method.

The answer: George Washington. George, who died in 1775, and his brother John were the first to lay claim to the property. (I will say this again, it’s not so much a matter of who invented the trick as the method for applying it. (See: The Fastest Horse, the Fastest Horseshoes)

Who invented the idea of an horseshoe?

The horse was named after that of Washington. The answer: Thomas Jefferson who created a system for using horseshoes by writing: “What is that to you, but a means of conveyance, which will not bring on a collision?” (For more information