Who killed Phar Lap?

No one knows. It was possibly a disgruntled ex-employee or a disgruntled co-worker with a drug habit who found his work environment inhospitable.

At one point in the investigation, witnesses say they observed suspicious behavior by Phar Lap employees. Employees said one of their co-workers allegedly told one co-worker, “I’m a good cop. If they need to kill me, I’ll die for them.”

That incident occurred in the Spring Creek office building.

So, Phar Lap and his co-worker, a woman who would not be identified, are being held without bail at the Oklahoma County Jail. It is unclear if Phar Lap was involved in the murder of the woman.

Prayers for the recovery of Phar Lap

Anyone with information about the murder of his co-worker, a woman whose head was allegedly smashed to pieces in a drive-by shooting, is asked to call Detective John Hays at (405) 535-6468 or Crime Stoppers (405) 385-5555.

By Michael Snyder

The U.S. Federal Reserve is so nervous they’re buying up $80 billion in gold, but they still want to get the gold out of the country before the “fooling” of the world begins…

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The Federal Reserve has been buying up $80 billion worth of gold lately, but the central bank is starting to realize the risk of making their bullion a “fooling” story…

What’s really happening at the Fed is the central bank is beginning to realize that $80 billion in gold is not worth having on deposit at the Federal Reserve Bank. It’s one thing to have gold sitting on deposit at the Fed, it’s quite another to keep that gold. And according to the Washington Times, the central bank is starting to see that it is absolutely necessary to keep the gold on deposit here. They’re afraid people might be fooled by the $80 billion buying spree. They’re also afraid there might be a price war, so they have been buying in bulk at a large clip.

So, according to U.S. District Court Judge John Coughenour, the central bank is now considering a lawsuit that would force the Fed to keep the $80 billion in gold on deposit.

And it turns out that the United States government does not want to surrender that gold to the