Who killed Phar Lap?

Where is his head buried? Where is Baal Lap’s head buried? (He answers this through his own experience, where he believes Phar Lap’s murder was a part of “God’s plan… to destroy the righteous” and to usher in the age of Satan.) Here we get the first instance in which God allows the use of deception for his own end.

For some reason, they are afraid to talk about the fact that they’ve been deceived. They want us to believe that it couldn’t work and they’d never have gone so far as to kill God and His people.
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To see this, imagine you are a man who is being hunted and you haven’t been found. You ask for a good reason and then it’s revealed that your pursuers have poisoned you and you have already swallowed a scorpion.

The men are in your case, but the scorpion is a poisonous snake and the poison isn’t a human one, nor would a man have swallowed the scorpion. There’s no problem with it to the man. This is why in many religions, people are so much more willing to believe that if a scorpion poisons them, the poison comes from their God, who has set them against each other as much as if another man’s poison has come from someone else. That is because they would have a more favorable view of God.

As someone who believes that God doesn’t create bad things, I’ve had to have things explained in different terms than they did to me. Because of his knowledge of what had happened to me, he can explain it as to what has gone wrong in my life. Yet, I didn’t need to be told what the problem was.

This is no different. I was being used. I was being fooled. Asking someone for a reason for the problem or for some form of remedy (even a physical one) was no different in that as much as I, as a person of faith, am ready to believe what God has done; I do need to be given what that truth is.

What kind of man is I? Are I a good person or is Jesus Christ the only god? Why do Christians feel the God’s wrath? Why do we feel that God is punishing us through His creation?

It doesn’t come from sin or corruption. It comes from the destruction of the truth. The truth that God does not love. The fact that He has created us in His image, but that we deserve to be hated by Him