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In order to make decisions, you have to consider your current health and weight.

If you’re going to get out of bed and you weigh 85 lbs., you’re going to have some problems and you’ll need some help.

If your body mass is 40 lbs, you’ll be fine.

On the flip side, a rider who weighs 200 pounds may want to run a little harder to gain more speed. And a rider at 170 pounds will want to lower their body mass by some amount or be willing to put their strength into it to gain more speed.

If you’re really concerned, you should make a plan to meet these goals or better yet, just reduce your body mass if that’s what you can do.

What about speed?

All horses have a limited capacity for speed. Once a horse learns to control his body mass by running harder or slowing down, he will start becoming more and more capable at running faster and faster.

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The goal of your training should be to improve your ability to maintain your speed and control. While speed is certainly important, the body is not just a matter of how fast you can run, it’s also your ability to keep your body weight low which in turn impacts your ability to run very slowly.

Are you doing a hard push workout?

If you’re not doing a hard push workout like a power or heavy deadlift workout, you may be doing a very limited push workout.

You should look for harder weights and you should get your workout completed at least 8-16 minutes before you get on the horse. This makes it easier to hit your target weight weight, so that when you stop you have a good base to maintain when you don’t stop at the end of your training sessions.

How long should one ride?

As you approach the end of a training session, you should set a new goal and work towards it. Try to set a goal for as few or as many as you possibly can. I work on my goal in the mornings, and I’m looking at the end of the week or beginning of our summer season riding for a time goal as well.

If you’re already getting close to your goal, you might want a little break.

If you’re still trying to push yourself and push yourself past your goal, or you may get too far too quickly, set your goal short or maybe set it at the beginning of the season and only look back at that target

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