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I’m hoping we can get a couple with “the wolf to the rescue” or something?

Wolf’s voice can be used in a number of ways to create a feeling of danger and fear, and is also extremely soothing and calming. The wolf is a very powerful and effective communicator when given the right words. To the inexperienced people trying to communicate with wild animals, a wolf will always sound more threatening rather than reassuring.

Wolf Communication

As with every form of communication, you cannot get a better feel of a situation using only wolf sounds than by talking to one of your own group of wild neighbors.
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Wolves have a long history of being domesticated. They are still very powerful and versatile wild animals with a great history to call back to. When you approach them, they usually follow you very closely, so you might as well try your best to be friendly. Many wolves even have a natural fear of humans. If you approach them they are usually most likely to retreat to a more protected area if they sense danger.

The best way to communicate with a wolf is to approach it with a calm and friendly demeanor. The best way to ensure wolf safety is to not approach the animal unless you know what you are doing. Keep your distance, make eye contact and say your intentions.

Wolf Calls

Wolves can be highly vocal and are often highly territorial. They have to be in good physical condition, and the only way to protect their social relationships is to learn how to communicate well with them.

Once you learn how to communicate with a wolf, and even more importantly, when and where to do so, there are a number of simple ways to use wolf calls in your everyday life. There are several great places where you can find out more about wolves so you can really experience the power and powerlessness of the wolf.


The wilderwolf organization has a website called and offers great information about wolves and their interactions with people. The wilderwolf wiki website allows you to learn about wolves on a much larger scale. If you have a wolf or a big game animal, they can help you find more information about it and other people, especially wolves in your area.

Wildlands National Park

Another great site for wilderwolf information is On Wildlands you can learn about wolves both in North America and around the world. They have a great video about wolves with pictures of

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