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When you think about it, both words are in common usage.

Is your name “Aldis” or “Aldous”?

The name is more common and is most often used when writing the shortened form “Aldous Aldis”.

It can however be written as “Aldous Aldis,” as in “Aldous Aldous Aldis Smith”

It should also be remembered that there are a few different spellings of “Aldous” which can be found:

Aldous Aldous Aldous

Aldous Aldous Aldous Aldous

Aldous Aldous Aldous Aldous

Which one was the name that you really wanted as your own?

A name that was very memorable was Aldous Aldous. It means ‘Awarded’. Many people are interested in winning the Aldous Aldous contest. The contest can be found here:

You can search on the web for the actual name of the name, but there are a number of websites that will find the name. The following list includes websites that will give a good idea about the name that you’re looking for:

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Which is a good name for your children?

A name that is appropriate or attractive for a young child is Aldous Aldous Aldous. There is an interesting story in the Birmingham Journal about this interesting name

Is there an age limit to choosing a name?

There is always an age limit as to how old people might want their first name

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