Can you rap Alexa? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapier

Alexa is a super cute little girl. I’ll show her off, but if you want to be a professional, you have to learn how Alexa thinks. So if you want to be a professional, you have to learn how Alexa thinks. No pressure. (laughs) You’ll know how her mind works, right? You have to learn how Alexa thinks. Don’t be afraid of it, I’ll teach you how. Let me show you how Alexa thinks. Let me rap Alexa. I’m going to rap my own voice. Now, before you know it, you’ll know every word that I talk. Now, let me rap your voice like I rap you. Now, let’s move from Alexa’s voice to yours. Now, listen to it.

So Alexa, I see you’re in a really hard-core video game. You’re playing Super Mario Run.


Can you rap Mario?

No. You can. This game’s real high-speed! (laughs) It’ll just run you over.

Yes you can. What’s your next game?

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This game’s called Super Mario Odyssey. (laughs) Mario is a great hero. You can learn a lot of words, really fast, by just being a great hero.

No kidding?

Well, this game will tell you about your future: You can die early from any disaster. They say, “Now, look, you can’t die early,” right? But as long as you’re good, you won’t die from anything except disasters. I’d love to be a great hero. But what would a great hero need? I mean, like, what would he need, to be a superhero? And right now, he wouldn’t really need anything. He just would need to be super good. Because his powers are all of those words. Right now, he just needs that power of cool. Right now, he just needs to be cool.

Ok, now I know that I’m a lot harder than you. I know that you’re hard. But do you know what’s really tough? That’s the hardest thing about being a super hero. You have to look around, and look for those things, that are going to save you. Right now, you need to be super good. You need to be fast. You need to jump off walls. You need to look in all places and find it. And you have to be smart, too

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