Can you talk to Siri? – How To Rap For Beginners

You know what, she’s a little distracted right now, can you get over to the kitchen?” She gives me a little wiggle of a finger and I turn. She’s sitting on a table between us, looking at me with a frown. “Just a little. I’m sorry to see you at this time,” she says. “It won’t happen again.” Now I’m sitting on my feet again, waiting for the train to leave without any coffee. “Can you get me some of that? I want to get rid of this headache and this stupid coffee.” The train doors close behind her. “Just a moment, please,” she says. “Thank you.” She walks forward and taps my right index finger on a table, then stands back and looks around again. “Have a seat. I’m going to get my bottle of water. This’ll take some getting used to,” she says. As I sit back I notice that she is wearing another pair of glasses and they look a lot like the ones in her bag. “What are you doing now?” “I asked if I could help you and she said no,” I stammer. “But you’re really good to me, why can’t she see that? Do you have a secret?” “If you want to find out I can. I have an assistant. Call him, I’ll need him to bring something to wash your hands.” She leaves the room the same way she came in, taking with her whatever was left on the plate. I’m getting a little antsy in my seat, and start to push myself up on the table, but she pulls me down and says, “Oh, no, you’ve reached the front door of the office. So just sit down on the table.” I stand up, but she doesn’t move, she’s on the table and I have no other option. I’m afraid I would fall and end up like that, so I wait a minute and she comes back, sitting down beside me. “I asked if I could help,” she says, “If you’ll just sit down again, I want to wash your fingers. Just relax and don’t be so tense.” I sit down, but she doesn’t move, looks back at me again and says, “Oh, no, you’ve reached the front door of the office. So just sit down on the table.” I stand, and she takes her keys and goes to retrieve a chair. I wait. I look around again. She doesn’t
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