Can you talk to Siri?

It was a lot easier not to. But we had done an internal trial of not having an active voice button at all on the device, where you would just press it and the music would play. We did that and found the music was better on the device. So, we looked at the other people that were experimenting, and they found they had a better experience than we did by being able to speak, and not the music would just be automatically.

If it were me, I would be totally fine to put that little button in my ear. But I don’t want to just make this the standard to get in everybody, because there are so many ways for you to do it, we’ve never seen them all work as well as we’ve thought it should.

How do you get Siri access to your voice?

We have access to your microphone, and the thing is not that you listen, but you have your headphones on, so the microphone you make sense of. We do this when you say, “Okay, Siri,” “Hey Siri” on an iPhone or an iPad.

I mean there are apps that do that with a speakerphone or a device in the headset—and they have built-in microphones, too, but we built the system where you can actually go to your voice, listen to your voice and then play the music if you want. You could do that just on iOS, and you know the iPod Touch was one of the first devices to do it with Siri, so that’s already pretty great for all these people using Siri or Alexa.

And then, I think Siri is still not really a one-button experience, so you’ve got to actually go there to access it. We’re going to ship a device that does the one-touch experience. We really wanted that in our device—and we’ve done it on Windows as well. But we wanted to make sure we also addressed it for those who want to do more and more for their voice and music and all that stuff, to be able to access their voice with a single finger click.

Is it possible? Can you get it? Where do you get the voice from?

There’s a lot of stuff you can do. We have an API. We have this microphone, and there’s a set of voices, we can use that to pull data around your app. We’re also launching a website, an API, where you can go into your app, look at these voices