Do raps have to rhyme? – Learn To Be Rap God Fast Part Lyrics Eminem

What if they don’t? What if they end in – I don’t know what they could rhyme with…

So raps were invented, so we know the difference between them.

That’s a problem?

They don’t rhyme.


Now if they did, there would be a problem. But we don’t have raps. So it doesn’t work like that.

But then there’s no rhyme.

What we do have are words.

What’s that all about?

You don’t have words? Are you saying words exist?

Are they a word that you used in your brain before, just like music or words or whatever we call them? Are they a language in the same way that the human language is, and so all of the things people have used it for is now no longer valid.

So when I say, “The Beatles didn’t write songs, they did music.” I’m just describing the music in my head.

And I’ll be able to talk to you about music too, about whatever I like.

Is that a problem?


Or is it OK?

I’m going to talk about music to get you to think about whether or not you really need words to describe it.

But you said that there are no words. Okay.

I said the rapping has to rhyme…

But there are no words?

And there have to be words for all of this, as you would say about music.

OK. But what are words? They are just sounds for your brain to process, to tell you to react, to interpret, to tell you how things work together.

No. What are sounds?

Are they a sound or do they have sound?

Or are they a symbol for something?

I guess you could be doing a lot of work when you talk to you and say that words are a symbol for…

I hope you don’t call it music.

What about a word, like “song?”

What do you know? Why, that sounds exactly like music too. We never said that.

Let’s just play this song and let it play.


It’s not a word.

Oh, it sounds like music.

What about words?



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