Does rap have to rhyme?

Yes. Can this be done well enough? No, I don’t hear that. There are a lot of artists out there who use samples when they should really be rhyming. I can’t stop rap. I can’t stop singing and dancing. I’ve started, and I’m not stopping.”

“And then there’s artists who aren’t rapping, who are singing about the same thing, but they’re not rhyming,” she says. “They’re just singing about their life as a singer and dancer, and the world is not that much better than when they were living in it. So there are a lot of artists who are singing well enough that you wouldn’t think they can’t rap. If you could only take eight or nine of them out of the world and put them on a song and they were only rapping about their life as a singer and dancer…and I say that just because I’m a rapper…and I can sing and dance like anybody, but this is a song about the world and I’m so scared to try.”

“And then they’re gonna try to make it hip hop, and all this, and the music going out isn’t going to be hip hop, because it doesn’t fit into the world, because the world isn’t hip hop. The world isn’t hip hop, and the world doesn’t rhyme.” – Lauryn Hill

To get to the source, Hill turned to her favorite person, her teacher – Dr. Billie Holiday. “What I really want to say, what I’m trying to be to you here, is, you have to believe in yourself. And not take anybody’s word for it. You can’t be influenced by anything. Because what I learned by Billie is I’m never going to make it because there’s no way it’s going to be hip hop, because there’s no way it can rhyme. So when you think about it, we all have our beliefs. But you have to believe in something. And when you believe and it doesn’t work you gotta think about why you believed it. But you gotta have some faith, and you can’t make a decision because, you know, I just don’t believe I can make it, because the world is not going to be hip hop. And you have to think about the world. People don’t think like I think. And you really will get better…there’s a certain process that’s used in these schools, these schools that are the first to